Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Darkness vs the others

The Darkness.our dark ipa I will be doing a taste test between The Darkness, Stones Sublimely Self Righteous, and Brew Dogs and Stone collaboration bashah.

First smell

bashah- hasmore of a malty smell with a slight hop aroma.

Stones Sublimely Self Righteous- Earthy hop aroma

The Darkness- Citrus hop aroma

Now Taste-

Bashah - a sweet tastes that builds to a smooth crisp finish, hops compliment the flavor in a nice combination. Very Drinkable. Alcohol not noticeable

Stones Sublimely Self Righteous- Good hop bitterness to sweetness ratio. Thick mouthfeel with complex flavors.

The darkness- Sweet start from chocolate malt used. The simcoe and Amarillo hops are highly present through the finish. Nice citrus hops to sweetness factor. Plus I made it so it just rocks ok!!!!!


Bashah – score…a-….a Belgium double ipa collaboration between stone and brewdog. Great beer easy to drink

Sublimely self righteous- score- B+ get bitter dark ale from stone brewing. Truly a pleasure to drink.

The darkness- score- a-…cheeky hijinx first dark ipa recipe I shall say with confidence that this basic recipe that we created will be used as our dark ipa for the coming years. Very drinkable sweet citrus hoped beer!!!!

In conclusion if you can’t tell by now my English skills are semi questionable at best. I make beer…I don’t write novels… so bear with me on the fine English skills and try to take the message for what it is.

Now I must finish the three beers.

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